Himalaya Sherpa Restaurant

Große Kirchenstraße 23
55252 Mainz-Kastel, Wiesbaden

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"Namasta India ... Namasta Nepal ..Namasta Tibet is common slogon to greet some one in Himalaya regions when we meet first time and as a part of culture of Nepal ,Indian or Tibet and we offer authentic home made dishes to our guests (Vegan ,vegetarian and even fish and meet ) were these spices are blend in home kitchen."
Who is Sherpa at Himalayas : Sherpas are the most strongest person who can carry around 100 kgs on their shoulders and guide and help to climb mountains like EVERST mountain ,These Sherpa can live strong and has no problem with weather change or at below temperatures of below -25 to -30 degrees Centigrade,this is because of their special choosing of spices and blending them in their home kitchen.
At Himalaya Sherpa (Wiesbaden ,Mainz, Mainz-Kastel)kitchen the same method of Sherpa kitchen blending is followed from our Nepali chef using 21 specific spices of our Homeland Himalaya to stay healthy strong and to improve more IMMUNE SYSTEM ,HEALTHY COOKING STYLE.
At Himalaya Sherpa (Wiesbaden ,Mainz ,Mainz- Kastel) we cook authentic Nepal ,Indian and Tibet cuisine with Vegan ,vegetarian and Non-veg dishes at top quality and best with Cheap price.
At Himalaya Sherpa (Wiesbaden ,Mainz ,Mainz-Kastel) we have seating capacity of 50 to 60 and smoking area of 35 seating capacity.
Advantages : FREE PARKING,3 mins walk from Mainz Kastel Bahn Station ,75 to 100 people party place available,Vegan and Vegetarian special dishes ,Home made and hand blend spices making home feel.
Namasta Nepal ...Namasta India




Montag bis Freitag
17:00 - 23:00
Montag bis Sonntag
11:00 - 14:30


50 Sitzplätze (innen)
0 Sitzplätze (außen)


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Himalaya Sherpa Restaurant , Große Kirchenstraße 23, 55252 Mainz-Kastel, Wiesbaden

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